Asian Hornets discovered in Liskeard

Asian Hornets from the Fowey nest feeding on fish bait. Credit: Twitter / @britishbee

There has been two new confirmed sightings of Asian Hornets nests in Liskeard, Cornwall and in Hull, Yorkshire.

The British Beekeepers' Association (BBK) shared the above photo of Asian Hornets from a nest in Fowey, Cornwall, feeding on fish bait that was set out for them.

The hornets nest, which was first discovered earlier in September, has since been destroyed.

According to the National Bee Unit, during September the number of hornets in a nest can reach a peak - increasing the chances of seeing an insect.

The Asian Hornet is smaller than native hornets and poses no greater risk to human health than a bee, they however pose a risk to honey bees.

Bee inspectors are visiting local beekeepers in Liskeard to set up monitoring traps, as well as out carry out surveillance around the areas of the sightings.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency's National Bee Unit is asking people to report any sighting of any suspected Asian Hornets.

A guide to identifying Asian hornets. Credit: GB non-native species secretariat

Guide to identifying Asian hornets:

  • Slightly smaller than native hornet

  • Dark abdomen, 4th segment yellow

  • Bright yellow tips to legs

  • Entirely brown or black thorax

  • Most likely to be seen close to bee hives

Source: GB non-native species secretariat

Anyone with more information or who spots an Asian hornet can report it via the iPhone and Android app ‘Asian Hornet Watch’ or by emailing Identification guides and more information are available.