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Homeless families left in limbo after Plymouth tower block fire

Shaun Hellings and Stacey Mapp have been left homeless Photo: ITV News

Families in Plymouth have been told they may have to wait months before they find out the extent of the damage caused by a major fire.

Thirty people were left homeless by last week's blaze in Barne Barton.

Housing bosses say they are working hard to help and are continuing to cover accommodation costs for those affected by the fire.

However, some tenants have told ITV News they are scared to return and want the authorities to do more.

Shaun Hellings and Stacey Mapp left behind everything they owned, and have been staying with family while they wait for news.

The extent of the damage is not yet clear Credit: ITV News

We haven't got a clue. We haven't been told nothing. The surveyors went in yesterday, they haven't said a thing. We've just heard by hearsay it could be after Christmas. I don't think that's good enough. They said in the papers we're going to re-home every single family. Not one of us has been re-homed yet, why not? It's been a week. What are we going to do?

– Shaun Hellings
The fire has been confirmed as arson Credit: ITV News

Surveyors remain on site assessing the damaged block and we are expecting an update on its condition by the end of the week. As soon as we have an update we will speak to residents about when they can meet us to collect personal belongings or when they may be able to return home. The police and fire service are continuing to look into all the circumstances regarding the fire and we will consider any recommendations that are made.We have been in regular contact with residents since the fire and they have also been provided with a specific point of contact if they have any additional questions. We are continuing to cover accommodation costs for those affected by the fire and have extended the bookings for temporary accommodation until the middle of next week.

– Sanctuary Housing

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