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Woman pens book after surviving car crash in Cheltenham

Emily sustained 17 broken bones in the car crash. Photo: ITV West Country

A woman who almost died in a crash in Cheltenham had to be cut free from the wreckage of her car, with 17 broken bones.

Emily Pringle is out of hospital and is now writing a book about her experience to help raise money for the emergency teams who saved her life, including the air ambulance.

Emily sustained 17 broken bones in the car crash. Credit: ITV West Country

I remember looking at myself and thinking, you're not breathing, you need to breathe. And I thought to myself when the car stops spinning I will breathe. And it stopped spinning but I didn't breathe. So I had to swear at myself to make myself breathe again.

– Emily Pringle
Emily wants to thank the emergency services personnel who saved her life. Credit: ITV West Country

Emily was trapped and her feet, leg and pelvis were crushed. The driver of the other car was also severely injured.

It took two air ambulances to help the both of them. She says she also perforated the carotid artery in her neck, which not many people survive.

Emily has told ITV West Country her daughter's visits to the hospital helped her steady recovery.

the impact speed of the car crash

Emily was flown 20 minutes by the air ambulance to hospital in Bristol. She now just wants to thank the emergency service personnel who saved her life.

Visits from her daughter helped Emily with her steady recovery. Credit: ITV West Country

Just the biggest thank you on the planet. Thank you for helping me. I've given my consultant a cuddle and I'll give you all a cuddle when I get to see you.

– Emily Pringle
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