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College to warn parents how their children can buy drugs online

Tavistock College is holding a meeting to inform parents on how to keep their children safe. Photo: ITV West Country

There are calls for parents to be more aware of the dangers of their children buying drugs online, after the death of a 15-year-old girl in Tavistock earlier this year.

Hannah Bragg died after an adverse reaction to taking MDMA, which may well have been purchased over the so-called 'dark web'.

Her school, Tavistock College, are now hosting a meeting, aimed at giving parents advice keeping their children safe.

The College's Principal, Sarah Jones, is teaming up with one of the parents to make others aware of how drugs can be supplied to teenagers.

15-year-old Hannah Bragg died after taking the drug MDMA. Credit: Family Photo

The school faced a tragedy last summer and when you face a tragedy you re-examine what you do we felt it was absolutely the right time to say what's missing? What was missing to avoid this tragedy?

And we feel that the gap in knowledge sits with the community and with parents not with young people, about drugs education.

– Sarah Jones, Tavistock College Principal

Local parent, Victoria Piper, who cares for four teenagers, said she was shocked when she found out how easy it is for young people to access drugs.

Victoria Piper and Sarah Jones hope to make others aware of how drugs can be supplied to teenagers. Credit: ITV West Country

We need to educate parents, if there's parcels being delivered - where are they coming from? If they're asking for extra money on their bank cards - why do they need that extra money? It's just that extra level of education that us as parents need to take onboard.

– Victoria Piper, Parent
teenagers have died in Devon and Cornwall in the last 18 months from taking drugs.
Four teenagers have died in Devon & Cornwall in the last 18 months from taking drugs. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

We don't fully understand drug use amongst youngsters and what we're trying to do now is to try and understand, work with the colleges, work with other agencies, to try to ensure we understand better.

– Inspector Mark Sloman, Devon & Cornwall Police
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