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Meet RJ - the chicken who thinks he's a duck

Duckie the duck and RJ the chicken strike a pose. Photo: ITV West Country

Meet RJ - the chicken who thinks he's a duck.

The unlikely situation blossomed when he became best of friends with Duckie - after the pair hatched at the same time.

The orphans spent every minute of the day together - and now live together in the Gloucester farm's duck enclosure when attempts to split them up failed to work.

Now wherever one goes, the other follows along.

But there's one obstacle RJ can't quite get over - water.

Wherever one goes, the other goes too. Credit: ITV West Country

They basically lived together in a cage and as they grew older they lived together all the time, so when we decided to bring them outside, we actually split them up.

RJ made so much noise that we had to put them back together. So RJ thinks he's a duck and lives with the ducks now, and as you cans see he's perfectly happy.

– Richard Leach, St James Farm Park
RJ won't go for a swim with Duckie. Credit: ITV West Country

Farmers incubated the one duck egg and one chicken egg at the St James Park Farm.

It is not unusual for animals who were together when they were young to stay friends.

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