A Plymouth chef who faced deportation from the UK despite having lived here for for more than 40 years has finally been told he can stay.

Euten Lindsay has told ITV News he was treated like an 'alien being' when he was caught up in the Windrush generation scandal earlier this year.

But now the Government has confirmed he can stay for good.

I was told that I didn't exist, that I was this alien being that didn't have any rights and was treated so. It was very troubling for me because of the threats from the Home Office with regards to my status. I had to sign on at the police station each week. I went there with the idea that I might not even come back out.

Euten Lindsay

It is a priority to right the wrongs that have been experienced by people who have built their lives here in the UK and contributed so much to our society. We have launched a dedicated task force for members of the Windrush generation and other long term residents to make it easier for individuals to access support.

Home Office
Euten was born in Jamaica. Credit: ITV West Country