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'We were gutted' parents of promising Go-Karter conned out of two thousand pounds

Eddie Stewart competes in Banbury but was hoping to make it big. Credit: ITV News West Country

The parents of a young Go-Karter from Wiltshire say they have been conned out of his life savings by a race firm.

Eddie Stewart, aged 6, competes in Banbury and dreams of a future in F1.

So his parents jumped at the chance when a company offered to supply him with a faster vehicle but after handing over £2,000 the firm vanished.

Eddie is currently leading the UK Kart Series at Shenington Race Track but his mum and dad had hoped the new car would have helped him go further.

The couple do have a high court bailiff's order to reclaim the money from the company, but they don't really expect to see any of it again.

Eddie is still racing in his old kart and his parents are now having to work overtime to give their son a shot at the big time.