'Don't bother smashing our doors down': Warning to thieves after prescription drugs are stolen

A Bath pharmacist hit by a smash-and-grab raid, has now warned, "don't bother smashing our doors down as all our hard drugs are under lock and key".

It follows a raid at Wellsway Pharmacy on Bear Flat in which hundreds of pounds of prescription drugs, including diazepam and morphine, were stolen.

Officers were called to Bear Flat early on Wednesday morning, 26 September 2018, after two men on bikes were spotted acting suspiciously.

The thieves smashed their way into the pharmacy early on Wednesday morning, 26 September. Credit: Wellsway Pharmacy
The damaged door to the chemist's was boarded up and the glass replaced soon afterwards. Credit: Wellsway Pharmacy
The thieves almost emptied this shelf of drugs indicating that they knew exactly what to take. Credit: Wellsway Pharmacy

The raiders took up to 50 packs of diazepam, about 15 bottles of liquid morphine, and other drugs such as pregabalin and gabapentin. The drugs cost around £500 but it is unclear how much they would make on the street.

Pharmacy owner Helen Darvill says the thieves clearly knew where the drugs were stored and may have visited the shop previously. She warns that all drugs on open shelves with a potential street value are now locked away every night, while controlled medicines are always kept securely.

Her message is there for all to see on the front door of the chemist's. It says, "Notice to Potential Thief - Please do not wast my time and yours by breaking into the pharmacy; drugs with a 'street-value', such as diazepam, gabapentin, tramadol, zopiclone and oramorph are locked away!"

It adds, "You are not welcome in our community!

The pharmacy has posted a stark warning to potential thieves on its door Credit: ITV West Country

Anyone with information about the raid is asked to contact police on 101, quoting reference number 5218215513. You can also ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.