'You haven't won': Fur seller's message to internet trolls who forced her to close new boutique

A businesswoman from Stroud has felt forced to close her boutique after receiving death threats online for selling fur products. Credit: ITV West Country

A fur-seller from Stroud who has closed her boutique after receiving death threats is fighting against online critics for abusing her business choices.

Faye Rogers received more than 800 messages of abuse in just three days, and has now closed 'The Boutique' on Bedford Street as she fears for her safety.

Faye Rogers received over 800 messages of abuse online for selling fur-lined products in her Stroud boutique. Credit: ITV West Country

Online abusers targeted Faye with death threats for selling real fur hoods and items with fur linings. She has also received attention from animal rights activists.

A protest was held outside the store in Stroud at the end of September.

Despite closing her shop, Faye is determined to continue the business and even address the issue of online bullying.

She says, "My message to these people is - 'you haven't won'. I will stand my ground, I will support what I believe in and what I choose to do with my own business, and that's that."

A protest was held by animal rights activists outside the store on the last weekend of September. Credit: ITV West Country

Selling fur is not illegal in the UK, but there are rules about where it comes from.

Faye says she legally sources her items from Paris and Canada.

A PETA spokesperson says:

Faye is using social media to help others who have been affected by online abuse. Credit: ITV West Country