Swindon Council want to turn plastic into fuel rather than recycling it

Swindon Borough Council wants to put a temporary halt on plastic recycling, with concerns that too much British plastic ends up in foreign landfills.

Nearly a third of UK councils don't recycle plastic at all.

However, Swindon are the only local authority with the facilities to turn household rubbish into factory fuel, and says it would be a greener solution.

The council want to turn plastic waste into factory fuel blocks. Credit: ITV News West Country

However, this type of fuel is controversial. Some environmental groups are against it, saying the emissions it produces contribute to climate change.

Swindon is the only council with the facilites to turn household rubbish into fuel briquettes. Credit: ITV News West Country

But the council say they are running out of options because countries, like China have stopped taking foreign plastic.

They say it's now time to just throw it in the black bin with the other non-recyclables to be turned into giant fuel briquettes.

The council is now asking residents what they think via an online consultation.