Usually the only danger facing the cows on Minchinhampton Common near Stroud in Gloucestershire is the traffic but the animals had a lucky escape when Storm Callum struck.

The area was hit by strong winds and rain overnight and today, bringing down a number of trees including one on the common - particularly vulnerable to the storm because of it was more exposed. Its trunk split in two and its branches came down trapping some of the cattle underneath.

Patricia Fear and her daughter Lauren saw the animals were in difficulty and came to their aid.

The small brown one was stuck in the branches but my daughter managed to free it! Beautiful gentle creatures.

Patricia Fear
One of the cattle was stuck in the branches and had to be rescued. Credit: Patricia Fear

Around 500 cattle are let loose on Minchinhampton, Selsley and Rodborough commons near Stroud every May. It's part of ancient grazing rights. They roam freely throughout the summer and autumn and are taken back in for winter. In recent years, a number have fallen foul of motorists but recently safety has improved. Fortunately fallen trees are also rare.

Some of the animals must have thought they were in seventh heaven. The crown of the tree ended up at head height and you see from the picture that they were happily tucking into the leaves - a change from their usual diet of Gloucestershire grass. But then this group aren't your average English cow - they come from a variety of breeds, including Aberdeen Angus.

This magnificent beast was happily tucking into the leaves rather than its usual grass diet. Credit: Patricia Fear

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for wind and rain through to tomorrow evening, Saturday 12 October.