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Bristol teenager attempting to cycle round the world has bike stolen

Charlie Condell is hoping to become the youngest person to cycle round the world Photo: Charlie Condell

A Bristol teenager who was trying to become the youngest person to cycle solo around the world has had his bike stolen in Australia.

Charlie Condell set off on his eight month journey in July. His plan was to cycle unassisted through 20 countries - an 18,000 mile journey, climbing over the equivalent of 26 Mount Everests.

He has already ridden through Europe and Asia but he woke up in a hostel in Queensland earlier this week to discover his bike was missing. His passport, camping gear and other cycling equipment had also been taken.

He says he couldn't quite believe the bike had bee stolen: "I thought maybe someone had moved it at first. But then I came to the sinking realisation that it was gone and I just had on my shirt and my board shorts and one bag."

Charlie had a carbon-fibre bike that weighs only 7kg. In order to complete the trip he would need to find a replacement.

Tom Davies, from London, currently holds the title for youngest person to cycle the world when he completed the challenge in 2015 at 19-years-old.