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Aviation is still a 'male-dominated industry', says CEO of Exeter-based airline

The Exeter-based airline wants to inspire young girls to pursue careers in what is still a Credit: ITV West Country

Europe's largest regional airline has launched a campaign encouraging young women to consider careers in what is still a "male-dominated" industry.

Exeter-based Flybe wants to address the gender imbalance within the aviation industry after new findings reveal that it's still dominated by men.

According to the airline, girls are four times less likely than boys to have pilot or engineering ambitions. They are also three times more likely to become cabin crew members.

New research by the airline reveals that girls are four times less likely than boys to want to become pilots or engineers. Credit: ITV West Country

The campaign, named FlyShe, aims to address this and inspire young girls to take on jobs as engineers and pilots.

It will also be rolled out in schools across the country, with female pilots and engineers visiting children in the classroom.

Christine Ourmières-Widener, Flybe CEO, says "Aviation is still very much a male-dominated industry" because "the pipeline of female talent in engineering and piloting is simply not there".

We cannot ignore the fact that the research indicated that nearly one in five girls believe there are jobs they cannot do and I firmly believe that young women cannot be what they cannot see. Through FlyShe, we are committed to showing women they can fly high – whatever it is they want to do.

– Christine Ourmières-Widener, Flybe CEO
Flybe CEO, Christine Ourmières-Widener, has launched the campaign to inspire young girls to take on more of these high trust roles. Credit: ITV West Country

The airline industry is predicted to double in size by 2035 and forecasts suggest that more than 600,000 new pilots will be needed to meet global demand.

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