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Weather: Time to get the gloves and scarves ready?

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We've enjoyed plenty of sunny and warm says throughout October so far, but also some stormy ones. One thing we haven't really seen so far is any cold weather (apart from a couple of chilly nights).

For the last few days we've had high pressure in charge and that has brought plenty of settled weather, some sunshine and pretty good temperatures for the time of year.

However, as we head towards the end of this week a cold front will sweep across the UK bringing a little rain, but more importantly it'll change our wind direction to a northerly one.

At this time of year that normally means it would be pretty chilly, but we'll be bringing in Arctic air on this occasion and the winds will be quite strong, giving an extra ingredient to the feel of things.

By the weekend the air temperature may struggle to reach double figures in a few places, which is several degrees below average, but the brisk northerly wind will make it feel colder than that.

This is because of wind chill, where the breeze removes heat from the surface of your skin faster than your body would naturally.

The last time we had similar cold weather was all the way back in early April, so this weekend's weather will be a bit of a shock to the system.

Time to dig out the scarves and gloves already?