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Postcard sent 21 years ago finally arrives at its destination

A postcard that was sent 21 years ago has finally arrived at its addressed destination. Credit: ITV West Country

A postcard that was posted in Taunton 21 years ago has finally arrived at its destination in Cornwall.

It was posted in 1997 by a woman named Alison and has only just arrived at the address in Lockengate, Mid-Cornwall.

The card was originally sent to Alison's friend, John, but 21 years later has been received by his daughter, Tracy.

The postcard was sent by a rambler from Somerset to John, a fellow walker. Credit: ITV West Country

John now lives elsewhere in the county but does have some recollection of the woman, a rambler from Taunton, who sent him the postcard.

Tracy says, "They were quite taken aback, I suppose, but my Dad did talk to me about Alison and reminisced about some of the walking they did together."

The Royal Mail said the postcard was most likely put back into the postal system quite recently. Tracy is hoping to get in touch with the original sender.

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