Seal sanctuary begs public to keep their distance from pups, as newborn is abandoned by frightened mother

With half-term approaching, a seal sanctuary is begging the public to keep their distance from Grey Seal Pups on beaches. Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

A Seal Sanctuary is warning that seal pups are being separated from their mums because humans are getting too close to them on our region's beaches.

Staff at the The Cornish Seal Sanctuary rescued a newborn grey seal pup called Mullet who was left on the beach at St Agnes while his mum was gathering food.

During Grey Seal pup season - now well underway - mums nurse their pups around the coastline, leaving them for long periods of time on their own.

It's thought Mullet was surrounded by people when his mum returned, prevented her from coming back to feed him.

Newborn Mullet was rescued from Trevaunance Cove after being abandoned by his mother and surrounded by people. Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The warning from Cornish Seal Sanctuary comes as thousands of people visit the region's coastlines during the halfterm holidays.

Mullet is currently being looked after by the team in Cornwall after being rescued from Trevaunance Cove in St Agnes when he was around three or four days old.

The sanctuary said, "There was nothing wrong with him, except that public were gathered around, disturbing the pup and preventing mum from coming back to feed him."

They are pleading with the public to keep their distance from pups with a fluffy white coat so they aren't at risk of being abandoned by their mums.

Grey Seal Pup season is well underway and there are concerns that human activity is putting newborn pups at risk. Credit: ITV West Country

Grace Jones, animal care assistant and conservation expert at the sanctuary, says: