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'Life-saving' rehabilitation centre in its final days

Chandos House in Redland is closing down after 35 years of helping men overcome addictions. Credit: ITV West Country

Bristol will lose its last male rehab centre which has provided "life-saving" services for the last 35 years.

Chandos House in Redland, an all-male rehabilitation centre, is closing due to a lack of funds and will leave the city without a residential addiction treatment centre.

They help men overcome alcohol and drug addiction, but also help them come to terms with childhood trauma and re-connect with their bodies.

Managers at the centre are blaming the closure on the lack of local authority funding for rehab therapies.

David Hill spent eight months at Chandos House: "This place has done so much for the last 25 years. Without this place Bristol won't be the same, considering it's the last rehab in the city. So many men have come in and come out a different man."

Broadway Lodge in Weston-super-Mare says that many patients now fund their own treatment because of a lack of funding, with some even selling their houses to afford the care. Credit: ITV West Country

Broadway Lodge in Weston-super-Mare is another rehabilitation centre in the region and its CEO believes the poor and vulnerable are missing out on vital care because councils cannot provide the funding.

As a result of these cuts from central government, a rising number of patients at the lodge pay for treatment themselves.

A week's stay can cost between £1500 and £2000, with most people needing to stay for at least six weeks to have effective treatment.

Five years ago there was funding ring-fenced for rehabs. Actually running a rehab was potentially a profitable business and many of them made quite a lot of profit. That ring-fencing disappeared five years ago and the funding has gradually reduced.

– Ian Middleton, CEO Broadway Lodge
Patients in Broadway Lodge live side-by-side and attend weekly house meetings where they are noticed for making good progress. Credit: ITV West Country

33-year-old Jason Mann is a patient at Broadway Lodge. He said:

The majority of drug addicts are getting sent to jail. And whereas jail will cost you £80,000, why not just spend a quarter of that money and send them to rehab for three months? That will give them a much better chance of integrating back into society and giving them what people deem a normal life.I think money's being spent in the wrong places, and they're taking money from the wrong places.

– Jason Mann, Broadway Lodge patient

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