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Banksy mural sold to buyer who vows to whitewash it in protest at selling of street art

The street art disappeared a year after it was painted in London Photo:

One of Banksy's pieces has sold at an auction in Los Angeles, California, for $730,000.

The mural named 'Slave Labour' has sold to a buyer who vowed to whitewash the piece in protest at the selling of street art.

'Slave Labour', a painting of a young child on his knees at a sewing machine, producing a string of Union Jack bunting is believed to represent sweatshops used to manufacture souvenirs for the London Olympics.

The mural was painted on the side of a London Poundland store in 2012 before disappearing in Wood Green in 2013.

American artist Ron English, who bought the piece on Wednesday, said: "I only wish I could've spent more money for it. I'm going to paint it white again, I'm done. This is a blow for street art. It shouldn't be bought and sold."

This comes just over a month since the Bristol-based artist's 'Balloon Girl' piece shredded itself after being sold at a London auction for £1.04 million.