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Pensioner finds piano, sofa and white goods dumped on his land by fly tippers

The land is used to grow vegetables and keep chickens Photo:

An 83-year-old has told us how fly tippers have left him living in fear after he found large amounts of waste dumped on his land in Somerset.

Antonio Sangiovanni from Yeovil discovered huge amounts of household rubbish left on his small area of land near near Stoford.

Fridges, freezers, a sofa and even a piano were amongst the furniture and white goods dumped on the couples land.

Antonio has been affected by fly tippers for several years.

Antonio told ITV News how fly tippers break the locks on his gate and drive through before dumping the waste.

The land is used to grow vegetables and keep chickens but for several years fly tippers have been using it as a dumping ground for their unwanted waste.

Antonio says: "We live in fear. Even my wife last night saw some people outside the house and she locked the doors.

"Somebody must collect them, I suppose, and just dump it here. They should be put in jail and keep them in there for a long time".