A mother from Cornwall, is warning young people about the dangers of MDMA, after her son died after taking it as a house party.

Oliver Woods, 21, became seriously ill after taking the drug at a house party in Bude last year.

He ran a marketing company and was well known and liked in the town.

His mother Sue Fisher and sister Bethanie Woods are still struggling to accept how someone with so much promise could lose their life to drugs.

"He ran his own business he was very determined to succeed, one of the last things he said to me was that he was going to be somebody and I do believe he would have been.''

The tablets Oliver took had the name Red Bull printed on them but had no connection to the well known energy drink.

It prompted local police to issue an urgent warning about the strength of the tablets.

Sue originally moved her family from Peterborough to give them a quiet upbringing away from things like drugs.

'I honestly thought he was safe in a small town, and I think that's the problem in Cornwall, people down here they are small towns and people don't think it's there but it is.''

She wants to give a stark warning to other young people about the dangers of MDMA:

'It kills me knowing he died on his own and it kills me knowing the hell that he went through before he died and kids don't see that, they see it as popping a pill you have a nice time, that's not it.''

His family have put up a plaque in memory of him close to the restaurant where he worked.