Exeter University staff vote to suspend projects with the UAE after Matthew Hedges conviction

Matthew Hedges has been jailed for up to 25 years on spying charges. Credit: PA

Staff at Exeter University have voted to suspend working with the UAE over the conviction of Matthew Hedges for spying.

The Exeter academic was jailed for life this week after he being arrested in May.

Matthew Hedges and the UK Government insist he was there carrying out research for his PhD.

EUCU members unanimously voted for an academic boycott of the UAE until 'Matt Hedges situation is satisfactorily resolved'.

They also say they have called for the University to join the lobbying for his immediate release.

Exeter University runs a Dubai based education doctorate.

They've told ITV they'll be meeting with union members to discuss their vote.

Credit: ITV News

Mr Hedges' wife Daniela Tejada described the conviction as 'a gross misinterpretation of his work’.

She ITV News that 31-year-old PhD student Matthew Hedges’ research contained “absolutely no confidential information”.