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Help reunite little boy with his favourite toy

George asks where his Kangaroo is every morning. Photo: Gilda Fawkes

A ten-year-old who suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition has offered a £100 reward - for the safe return of his favourite toy.

George Fawkes suffers from a rare form of dwarfism and takes his trusty Kangaroo, with him to every hospital appointment.

But recently, George left Kangaroo on a train near Bath and has so far been unable to get him back.

Now, George, with the help of his mum, Gilda, is offering a £100 reward for the safe return of Kangaroo.

Gilda says that every morning George always says "Where are You Kangaroo?" because he sleeps with him every night.

George at King's Lynn station on the day he lost Kangaroo. Credit: Gilda Fawkes

George’s rare genetic disease Floating-Harbor Syndrome is characterised by feeding difficulties, delayed bone development and delays in learning and growth so George is very small for his age. George is just learning to read and eat as he has been tube fed since birth.

We have lots of hospital appointments to cover many different medical teams involved caring for George. So not much fun for a little person to deal with a lot of health issues, and try to fit into society at the same time. Kangaroo is an emotional support, and George cannot understand where he has gone. His father gave him the Kangaroo when he was a few days old in hospital in Sydney.

– Gilda Fawkes
The toy does look a bit like a teddy, but he has a tail and boxing gloves. Credit: Gilda Fawkes

George was born in Sydney, Australia and spent the first ten months on his life in hospital.

He was given the toy as a comforter then, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

But disaster struck on Friday 16 November, when George left Kangaroo on the train. He was travelling to Bath from King's Lynn and the train terminated at Bristol Temple Meads.

There is a label saying 'George Fawkes' woven into the toy's neck.

George takes Kangaroo on his regular hospital visits. Credit: Gilda Fawkes

Anyone who has spotted Kangaroo is asked to email