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Bath Spa to ignore grades and exam results in new entry process

Photo: Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University has launched a new entry process, taking no notice of grades or exam results.

Prospective students will be offered an interview, audition or the opportunity to submit a portfolio of their work, regardless of their exam results.

It says the scheme aims to reduce "undue stress" placed on students and will pilot it in 2019.

The university doesn't agree with critics who say unconditional offers will reduce students' work ethic.

A £750 award will also be given to students who "achieve better than their predicted grades", "display outstanding talent or promise in the creative or performing arts" and who "achieve exam results of a AAB or equivalent".

We want to attract the talented young people who will do well in a degree at Bath Spa University, and go on to exciting futures after graduation.

That means getting to know an individual, with all of their abilities, and we can do that best by interview, audition or portfolio.

Having said that, working hard at school is really important, which is why we are offering a £750 scholarship for applicants who do better than predicted in their exams.

The skills that are needed to thrive at university are different to those that are needed to thrive at school or college."

– Professor Sue Rigby, Bath Spa Vice-Chancellor

A university spokesperson said everyone who makes Bath Spa their first choice will also receive a "guaranteed offer of university accommodation".