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Allotment helps asylum-seekers arriving in Plymouth

Refugees and asylum-seekers are contributing to the community and getting help at the same time. Photo: ITV News

The gardening season might be coming to an end, but one allotment in Plymouth is providing more than just fruit and veg for a group of volunteers.

Students and Refugees Together aims to help newly-arrived asylum seekers unlock their potential and contribute to the local community.

The project helps refugees. Credit: ITV News
  • Meet the refugees who are finding solace on the allotment

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The project helps immigrants like Azeb, who came to the UK from Eritrea six years ago. transition from being people in need to self-reliant members of the community.

Plymouth is a really nice place and people are helpful, never just ignore you.

– Azeb Mengisteab
The allotment is run by Students and Refugees Together. Credit: ITV News

The Refugee Allotment Project desperately needs new sheds and new tools so it can continue and expand its work.

The old huts were recently broken into and are no longer secure. It has begun an appeal to raise money for two replacement sheds, benches for the picnic area and sharper and better tools, as well as wheelbarrows and wellies.

Volunteers who work with the project describe it as a godsend.

It's a place to relax, talk with other people, to grab a picnic together, to practice English. They like the serenity, the closeness with nature, the fact that they're getting their hands dirty and putting in a day's work. It's a godsend, some of them come here every day to relax, just to stay quietly and listen to the birds and have some peace.

– Jumeyi Akoh, Students and Refugees Together