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Two special education schools to close in Wiltshire

Families are worried about the impact of the school closures on their children. Photo: ITV News

At the end of the school day at Larkrise, Lydia Wadds has a five minute walk home.

That is a comfort for her family, because in her eight years, no doctor has been able to diagnose exactly what causes Lydia's developmental problems and acute epilepsy. She has a syndrome without a name.

Lydia Wadds will no longer have a five minute journey home. Credit: ITV News

Wiltshire Council plans, to close two special education schools and create one expanded campus near Devizes, mean Lydia would be put on a bus to go to a larger school further away.

Lydia's school Larkrise in Trowbridge will close along with St Nicholas in Chippenham. The council says they are too full, out of date and not performing well enough. Places will be moved to Rowdeford near Devizes which will be turned into a centre of excellence with twenty million pounds.

Some spoke in favour of Rowdeford at the council meeting, but many others were angry.

The council voted the plans through saying only 20% of children with special needs go to a school in their home town and each child will get a personalised travel plan.

Parents say the changes will impact greatly on their children. Credit: ITV News

Campaigners for Lydia and other pupils are seeking legal advice but they must be quick. A consultation has begun, the final decision will be made in March.