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Family forced to live in hotels after fire devastates home

This family from Frome says they're now being forced to live in hotel rooms. Photo: ITV West Country

A family who were made homeless after a fire devastated their block of flats in Frome, say they're now being forced to live in hotel rooms.

Harleigh Gomer, her partner and her two children have been living out of suitcases for the past six weeks.

Mrs Gomer is also due to give birth in three weeks.

A fire completely destroyed the family's flat in Frome. Credit: Family photo

It's been really difficult because the kids need space and you can't give them space when they're in one room.

I hope the situation will change, but it's going to be more difficult, because a baby comes with a lot more things.

– Harleigh Gomer

Live West housing association say they are only able to book a hotel room a week at a time. Mrs Gomer says it means they never know where they're going to be.

Harleigh Gomer says her family is desperate for a home. Credit: Family Photo

I want to bring my kids home. I want to put a Christmas tree up. I can't even buy them Christmas presents because I have no where to put them.

I just want a house, even if it's just a shell and we have no furniture, I just want somewhere we can put the tree up and decorations up, for them to feel like this is where our house is going to be, rather than Christmas in a room.

I just want to be settled.

– Harleigh Gomer

In a statement, Live West said they have offered Mrs Gomer and her family a house, but they will keep working with her to find one that fits their needs.

The family has been living out of a suitcase for six weeks. Credit: ITV West Country

We truly appreciate that Harleigh and her family have been through an extremely unsettling time. Two weeks ago we offered Harleigh a three-bedroom house in Grove Mead in Frome on a 12 month let which she declined.

We will continue to speak with Harleigh on a regular basis and work with her to find a home that meets her needs."

– Live West Housing Association