Members of an organised crime group have been sentenced to a total of more than seventy years in prison after being caught supplying class A drugs.

Three of the gang, which was based around Bristol, were also found guilty of blackmailing businessmen as part of an illegal debt-collecting operation.

Police were contacted by one of their blackmail victims and put the group under surveillance.

Officers watched - and filmed - as they arranged the flow of cocaine and MDMA from London.

In a raid at one of the gangster's homes, police found a machine used for pressing the MDMA powder into ecstasy tablets.

Securing these convictions against a group of organised criminals who were very alive to the prospect that they were under investigation was a challenge, but ultimately the evidence we gathered against both the ‘hands on’ members and those who opted to keep their distance, was compelling.

DI Paul Catton, South West Regional Organised Crime Unit