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Young cancer patient calls for more money to help families travelling for treatment

Pete and his family had to travel more than 120 miles away for treatment Photo: ITV West Country

A young man from Plymouth is calling for money to be made available for families with children who have cancer, to help them with travel costs for hospital visits.

Pete Jerrett from Plymouth was 18 when he was told he had Leukaemia but he had travel more than 120 miles away in Bristol for treatment.

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He wants the Government to create a travel fund to help families cope with the unexpected costs of cancer.

New research shows young people with cancer are having to travel an average of 60 miles for treatment.

It completely shook and changed the whole experience of it, for one it meant that I wasn't around my family as much as I would be and I could only see my dad and my brothers at the weekends because they couldn't afford to come to the hospital all the time.

– Pete Jerrett
Photos of Pete during treatment. Credit: ITV West Country

A charity offered Pete and his mum Linda to stay in a 'home from home' during his treatment but that's not always available with some families spending thousands of pounds in travelling costs.

Alongside Bristol based charity CLIC Sargent, they want the Government, to create a travel fund to help families cope with finances.

The Department of Health and Social Care say parents who are on a low income are reimbursed if their children have to travel for treatment.

Last year, they helped three hundred and 37 thousand people patients under the age of 16.