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Swindon Shoplifter's 'customer order' list found by police

A known shoplifter in Swindon has been caught out by police after they found a shopping list with 'customer orders' in her handbag.

Several items were requested including a Gucci perfume, makeup and girls' clothes. Credit: Wiltshire Police

The list was discovered in the thief's bag after she was stopped by security guards in the Debenhams in Swindon town centre.

She is a known shoplifter in the area and police believe she was stealing goods for people in time for Christmas.

Other items requested included Yankee candles, a Dyson hairdryer and an electric toothbrush. Credit: Wiltshire Police

Two customers, called "Tall P and Tasha", were supposedly requesting Gucci perfumes. "Colleen" was after young girls' clothes and a men's grey coat. She also asked for lamb chops or steaks.

Another wanted tracksuits, mens' trainers and aftershave. Other items on the list were a Dyson hairdryer, an Oral B electric toothbrush and Yankee candles.

Wiltshire Police is warning members of the public that shoplifting, or receiving stolen goods, can lead to a prison sentence.