Royal Navy families welcome home their loved ones for Christmas

Lots of smiling faces as servicemen and woman come home for Christmas Credit: RNAS Culdrose

More than 100 Royal Navy families have had an emotional morning as they've been reunited with their loved ones for Christmas.

Four Merlin Mk2 helicopters flew into their home base at RNAS Culdrose after a four month deployment with new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Here's how little Leo reacted to the news that Daddy's coming home.

The squadron had been away from their families since August.

It’s been truly remarkable to be part of this historic first deployment for HMS Queen Elizabeth, as the Carriers dedicated Squadron we have been there from the very first landing off Scotland right up to the highlights we will all take home from this deployment; seeing the flight deck full of Merlins, F-35 jets and US visitors including V-22s has shown just what a potent capability we have. It’s fantastic to be getting home but we are already looking forward to next year, taking our capability further again and delivering even more for HMS Queen Elizabeth. >

Commanding Officer, Cdr Chris Knowles