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School boy stuck in mud on Brean Beach for almost an hour

A seven-year-old boy has had a lucky escape when he was rescued after getting stuck in mud for 40 minutes on Brean beach.

The boy became stranded while attempting to reach the sea, and the alarm was raised by his mother who was unable to reach him.

BARB Search & Rescue flew a hovercraft out to the boy, who - with the help of two Coastguard mud rescue technicians - were able to safely free him.

The school boy was rescued by a specialist hovercraft and teams from the RNLI Credit: BARB Search & Rescue

Once freed he was taken onboard the hovercraft, and flown back to the beach - much to the relief of his watching mum.

An ambulance was called as a precaution, but after checking him over for signs of hypothermia he was fortunately unhurt.

Mum Susie Roberts, who was visiting the beach with her son on a day trip from Bristol on Sunday (December 9), said she was relieved her son was safe and well.

I am hugely grateful to the BARB hovercraft crew, the Coastguards, and the beach warden for their very fast response.

My son had run down the beach towards the sea and had unfortunately got stuck in a patch of very soft mud. I was so relieved that he was quickly rescued.

– Susie Roberts, mum

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Coastguard from Weston and Burnahm-on-Sea pulled him to safety. Credit: BARB Search & Rescue

They were having a great day exploring the beach and some of the pools that were left by the receding tide. Unfortunately, the hard sand that they had been having their adventures on was also home to soft patches that were ready to catch them out. The young boy was able to travel further along the softer sand before becoming stuck. Mum had tried to reach him but as adults are heavier than children she was unable to get close enough to help him

– Burnham Coastguard spokesperson
BARB’s Spirit of Lelaina 2 hovercraft flew out to the boy with two Coastguard mud rescue technicans onboard. Credit: BARB Search & Rescue