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Jury says the death of Josh Clayton was accidental

Josh Clayton was reported missing after a staff party on Tresco 13 September 2015, his body was found 10 days later Photo: Family photo

An inquest in to the death of Josh Clayton on the Isles of Scilly has returned a verdict of accidental death.

The 23-year-old's body was found on rocks near Tresco on the Isles of Scilly three years ago.

His family say the outcome is of no comfort to them.

Yesterday police apologised to his family for the way the original investigation was handled.

At the inquest, Josh Clayton's family questioned why there was a 10-day delay in carrying out the post-mortem. Credit: ITV West Country

On September 12th 2015, Josh attended a party for estate workers at a place called The Shed.

The following day he failed to turn up for work and was reported missing.

His mother Tracey cut short her holiday in Greece and flew to The Isles of Scilly. She was joined by Josh's brother Ashley.

The search widened, involving rescue teams with a sniffer dog, divers and the police helicopter.

10 days after he went missing Josh's body is found on rocks.

Police believe Josh was making his way home at night along the shoreline after drinking heavily and may have stumbled into the sea.

His mother and brother have never believed his death was an accident.

The family lost confidence in the first police investigation after an inquest heard from a party goer who said Josh had been involved in a heated argument. An argument the police had no record of.

A second investigation began, again police say there is no evidence Josh was attacked. No other party goers reported seeing Josh involved in an altercation and the man who said it at the first inquest, changed his story five times.

The family have spent more than £80,000 employing a private investigator and lawyers.

That investigation is still ongoing, as are the complaints the family has made about the police.