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'The grave of my old life' - former homeless man revisits his old tent

Clive says he feels like he's 'missed a bullet' recovering from his old life Photo: ITV West Country

A Big Issue seller who spent 20 years of his life sleeping rough in Plymouth has revisited his old home - a tent hidden in undergrowth.

Clive is a recovering alcoholic and has struggled for many years with his bi-polar disorder.

Three years ago he began his journey to get back on his feet by moving into rented accommodation.

He invited our reporter Claire Manning along to see where he used to sleep, near the Marsh Mills roundabout, when he was in the grips of alcoholism.

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I thought there was a high possibility that I wouldn't make it in the real world and that my drink problems and my mental health would drag me back here. It's like missing a bullet.

– Clive
The Theatre Royal team say they see Clive now as part of the family. Credit: ITV West Country

Clive now has a pitch outside the Theatre Royal and believes it's really helped in his journey to recovery.

He is one of around 26 sellers who work in Plymouth and its surrounding areas.

People have this assumption that they're all addict, whereas a lot of it is to do with mental health, some vendors are ex-service but anyone can lose their job, anyone in rented accommodation can lose that rental accommodation. There are all sorts of reasons that people can't do what we consider to be a normal 9 to 5 job.

– Sue Owen, Sales & Outreach worker, Big Issue

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