Children from a city in Cornwall are visiting a local care home once a week to sing with elderly residents and bring the community closer together.

Truro Nursery School pupils have been visiting Mountford House for singing sessions with the elderly residents.

The children have brought the Christmas spirit with them to the care home. Credit: ITV West Country

Little Bird Music, who facilitate the visits, has launched a pilot programme of 20 sessions, led by Alice Browning, with the aim of eventually working with other nurseries and expanding the programme.

According to residents and workers at the care home, the initiative has been a huge success.

Winnifred Rowse, a resident at Mountford House, said:

I thought it was really lovely. I really enjoyed it. It's nice to see the young ones joining in, this time of year is special for children.

Winnifred Rowse, Mountford House resident

Another resident, Rena Bond, said: "Oh I love them. I don't very often come out of my room but I always come out for them."

Deputy Manager Sue Kimpton said:

It's important for the little ones to see people when they're older and its important for the clients to see younger children because they were younger once. When you look back you see people who are sitting down and we do our best to entertain them. They have quiet moments but as soon as a child comes in you can see memories come back, its lovely.

Sue Kimpton, Deputy Manager Mountford House