Police plea for community help after "older" man can't remember where he left his car

Police in the Devon town are asking as many people as possible to share their post so that the man's car can be found. Credit: Tiverton Police

Police in Devon are appealing for public help after an "older" man completely forgot where he left his £19,000 car.

He contacted police in Tiverton, confused about where he last left his silver Volkswagen Tiguan.

According to officers, he gave them "slightly embarrassed permission" to post the appeal online in the hope the car will be found.

The post said:

Ok. So we haven't posted in a while. But this is a chance to beat the Police. Because the below has got us stumped. We have been approached by an "older" gentleman who has got slightly confused as to where his car has been left, we believe it is in Tiverton, somewhere... probably. It is certainly in the surrounding area... hopefully.

Tiverton Police

They admitted that they don't usually get involved with lost property cases but this was an occasion they wanted to help.

They said:

Over the past couple of days we have had an interesting job come in. One that means we could do with enlisting the help of the community in a positive way.

Tiverton Police

The car is a silver Volkswagen Tiguan, with the registration WK17 ZKG.