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The Wurzels not slowing down anytime soon

The Wurzels formed in the 1960s. Photo: ITV News

They've been going for over half a century and one of their members will soon turn 80, but music legends The Wurzels have no intention of slowing down yet.

Since they formed in the 1960s they've become West Country icons and have continued to perform at dozens of sell-out gigs in the last year.

The band still perform dozens of gigs every year. Credit: ITV News

We're doing as much as we really want to. We're getting older in the tooth! We do quite a lot of gigs even now but it's a bit harder work, really.

Lots of travelling. That's the worst part - the playing is great. We love the playing - it's like meeting up, when we haven't seen each other for a day or two, we discuss all the football results, the cricket results, rugby and everything else and it's like a little club, you know.

As long as we've got out health and as long as we can find the energy to go out and play, that's what we'll be doing.

– Pete Budd, The Wurzels

The Wurzels were founded in the 1960s by Adge Cutler whose legacy lives on nearly 45 years since his death in a car accident.

The line-up may have changed, but they've never forgotten their roots.

Adge Cutler started the group but died in a car accident. Credit: ITV News

I mean Adge did really well for the time he was going - 8 years, wasn't it? Only 8 years and the few songs that he wrote reached the popularity that they did. But we've been going now, well I've been 40 odd years.

We're still going and I get a feeling Adge drives us on and I think he would agree that we've done it right. We're still along the lines that he set out but we've got more modernised.

– Pete Budd, The Wurzels

Sometimes we can't hear our monitors, and they're at our feet, and we can't hear them because the crowd is so loud.

See it's taken us a long long time the crack Cornwall.

The Cornish didn't like Adge because they thought he was taking the mickey out of the West Country and nothing could be further from the truth.

And it's only the last five or six years that we've cracked Cornwall.

– Tommy Banner, The Wurzels

Whether it's in Somerset or beyond, the popularity of the Wurzels remains strong as they approach their fifty fourth year.

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