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Four guilty in 'county lines' drug murder

Yasin Ahmed was murdered in June Photo:

Four men have been convicted of murdering a London drug dealer who set up business in a block of flats in Bristol.

Jurors were shown dramatic footage of the moment police officers chased the armed attackers - who were wearing balaclavas - through the streets of Bristol.

Jordan Parker, Korrie Hassan, Leon Eaton and Yonis Diblawe have all been charged with the murder of 21-year-old Yasin Ahmed.

(L-R) Jordan Parker, Korrie Hassan, Leon Eaton and Yonis Diblawe Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

Yasin Ahmed, had come to Bristol from London to sell heroin and crack cocaine. He had taken over the flat of a vulnerable drug user.

But it was on the same 'turf' as another London drugs gang, who ran a supply which they called 'The Joey Line' - named because users would call a dealer who used the pseudonym 'Joey.'

Bodycam footage shows officers entering the building where Yasin Ahmed was found bleeding. Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

A neighbour saw the men, heavily armed and wearing balaclavas in the moments prior to the incident and called 999 fearing the impending violence. Because of this quick-thinking resident, police officers arrived at the scene just as the attackers fled in the black Mercedes.

– Avon & Somerset Police spokesperson

CCTV shows the gang in the moments after the stabbing of the 21-year-old.

The gang is filmed running away to a getaway car. But they drive directly into the path of a patrol car, which had been called to the disturbance in Canynge House, in Redcliffe in the early hours of June 23 2018.

Despite the fact they could see some gang members carrying machetes officers continued the pursuit on-foot. They eventually caught four men.

Police body worn camera footage also captured the subsequent pursuit of the men who discarded clothing and weapons as they ran.

Eaton was caught by the pursuing officers while Hassan was found hiding under an upturned dustbin an hour later. Parker was found to have hidden in a nearby address and was arrested the following week from a property in Avonmouth. Diblawe handed himself in to a police station after arrest attempts were made at various premises in the city.

– Avon & Somerset Police spokesperson
The murderers tried to make a run for it, but drove head-on into a police car. Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

Police say this is an example of rival gangs enacting 'County Lines' - a method of distributing drugs from London to the regions of the UK.

After the chase, police recovered a machete, a Zombie knife, and a taser among other weapons.

Four men were convicted at Bristol Crown Court and will be sentenced this afternoon.

The murder of my son has caused great distress and heartbreak to me and my family and we are also completely distraught at the circumstances surrounding his death.

My son, Yasin, was a very caring person and very considerate to others, especially towards the family and our community.

His future was planned and he was accepted to study medicine at a very reputable university in China in September of this year. With his admission fee already paid, his dream was to become a doctor so he could help others.

– Salah Ahmed Hussein, Yasin's father
The attack took place at Canynge House, in Redcliffe