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Fog warning in the West Country

Low-lying mist this morning near Tiverton in Devon. Credit: Matt Brass

Drivers are urged to take extra care this evening. The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for fog between 5pm today, Thursday 27 December, and 11am tomorrow, Friday 28 December.

What to expect:

  • Slower journey times with delays to bus and train services possible
  • Possible delays or cancellations to flights

Our weather presenter Charlie Powell says that the clear skies over the West Country that most of us are experiencing actually mean the fog will form readily this evening.

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The Met Office says that areas of fog are expected to form quickly this evening with areas of existing fog expanding.

You are likely to only be able to see less than 100m ahead in places. As the fog forms, it is likely to be patchy with varying visibilities in relatively short distances.

The fog is likely to persist over parts of the South West through into Friday morning.

A foggy view from Southstoke near Bath at the weekend. Credit: ITV West Country