'Never give up' Cornish boy learns to walk again with new pair of prosthetic legs after meningitis

A young boy from Cornwall who lost both his arms and legs to meningitis is learning to walk again with a new pair of prosthetic legs.

Marshall Janson, known as the 'boy with the blades', was just a year old when he contracted the dangerous disease.

He twice nearly lost his life and his parents had to make the heartbreaking decision to amputate his arms and legs, to save his life.

Now 11-years-old, Marshall from Perranporth, is keen to run around with his friends and play football.

He is a big Tottenham Hotspur fan and even his new legs are a nod to his favourite team.

Marshall's favourite player is Harry Kane and this video of them training together went viral in 2016.

His new legs even have his team name and on them. Credit: ITV News West Country

However, he faces a lifetime of rehabilitation while adapting to the use of his new prosthetic limbs.

Marshall's first legs cost £9,727 each and his first hands will cost £14,172 each. He will require at least one pair of hands, at least once a year, every year until he is 18.

A fund has been set up by his family to pay for his prosthetic limbs throughout his life.