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Dead dolphin washes up on beach in Cornwall

The dolphin, a calf, was found by paddle-boarders near Kingsand beach in Cornwall Photo: Rame Peninsula Beach Care

The body of a dead dolphin has washed up on a beach in Cornwall.

Paddle-boarders found the calf floating in the water just off Kingsand beach on Thursday, January 17.

It is believed to have belonged to a calf of dolphins that were spotted swimming near Millbrook the day before.

Paddle-boarders bring the dolphin's body ashore Credit: Rame Peninsula Beach Care

Rame Peninsula Beach Care, posting on Facebook, described the find as “heartbreaking”.

They said: “After yesterday's drama of the whole peninsula turning out to cheer the dolphins as they made their way to safety from the shallow creek, today a juvenile - very possibly part of the same pod - was found floating dead by paddle-boarders just off Kingsand beach.

The dolphin is thought to have belonged to a pod, spotted near Millbrook just a day before Credit: Rame Peninsula Beach Care

“From the condition of the body, he would probably have only been dead a matter of hours.

“He will be post-mortemed tonight. Rest in peace.”