Man swiped at by 'panther-like' big cat in Cornwall

Matthew Wild claims he was swiped at by a 'panther-like' cat in Porthleven, Cornwall (stock image of black panther) Credit: ITV News

A man from Cornwall has sparked rumours of a big cat on the loose after claims he was attacked by a “panther-like” creature.

Matthew Wild said he was visiting his girlfriend’s house in Porthleven when he spotted a large feline pressed against one of the windows.

The 30-year-old said he tried to the shut the window but was swiped at by the animal.

He described it as looking like a domesticated cat crossed with a panther.

"It was very intent on getting in,” he said.

Matt, a martial arts fan from Helston, Cornwall, said it was lucky the cat didn’t draw blood.

He continued: "If it was standing on the floor, it would be reaching about six feet.

"I would say it's a domestic cat crossed with a panther because of its tone, strength and might.

"It's definitely a wild cat."

Matt added he reported the incident to police, but said they “weren’t interested”.