The world's greatest name for a police officer revealed by viewers

PC Rob Banks featured in a special programme focusing on police cuts. Credit: ITV West Country

Viewers from across the world have showed their appreciation of an Avon and Somerset police officer's name.

PC Rob Banks featured in a special programme on the impact budget cuts have had to police forces.

During his interview, viewers managed to spot a pun in his name that was only visible for a few seconds.

Seth Darby - from Australia - was one of the first to tweet the image, and quickly saw his post shoot up to 11,000 likes in just a few hours.

After realising how quickly it had spread Seth made sure some good came out of his tweet. Asking people to donate to Alzheimer's UK.

The programme was dedicated to understanding the impact that budget cuts have had to police forces across the West country.

It's after officers in Avon and Somerset told ITV News their force is at “breaking point” after years of cuts.

At a time when the public are being asked to pay more for their police, PCs, sergeants and senior officers revealed there were insufficient numbers to cope with rising crime levels - which has led some to consider quitting.

Although some viewers found a more light-hearted quirk to PC Rob Banks name, his message was extremely serious.

Avon and Somerset Police’s total force budget is £284million a year - that's £32,500 an hour.

Much of that is spent on the force's 2,651 officers.

The Home Office says it has announced the most substantial funding increase for the police since 2010, while Avon and Somerset's coffers will rise to just over £300million if the Police and Crime Commissioner increases council tax precept by £2 a month.

But that is in the face of increasing crime. In the last three years, overall numbers have risen by 26.7 per cent, while justice for victims has fallen with only one in every eight people seeing their investigation concluded.

You can watch the whole programme here: