£100,000 raised for statue in Plymouth of Nancy Astor first female MP to enter House of Commons

Lady Nancy Astor speaking from the Town Hall in Plymouth after her election. Credit: PA

Campaigners have successfully raised £100,000 for a statue to be built in Plymouth of the first female MP to enter the House of Commons.

This year marks a century since Nancy Astor took up her seat and campaigners from across the political spectrum are backing calls for a statue in her honour.

She won the Plymouth Sutton seat in a landslide victory in November 1919.

Nancy was American and was known to many for being frank, outspoken and her approach was seen as refreshing.

She served as MP for Plymouth Sutton, fighting for the rights and safety of women and children, education, the people of the city, and equality throughout that time.

At that time Plymouth had more women voters than men, having suffered greatly in WW1.

Organisers have confirmed the project will go ahead but they're still raising funds for a 'stretch target' of £120,000.

The deadline is until the end of January.

You can find more information on thecampaign website.