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Teenage paedophile jailed for abusing children in Wiltshire

One of the country's youngest ever female paedophiles has been jailed for sex attacks on two young children in Wiltshire.

Sophie Elms, ‪18, had previously pleaded guilty to 16 child sex offences - including sexual assault of a child, possession of extreme pornography and distributing indecent images.

Elms, of Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, was arrested after sending images and videos of her assaulting the children to a known sex offender.

Being aged just 17 when she committed the offences, Elms is one of the youngest women in the country to commit such crimes.

Her victims were aged only about two and three when she attacked them, Swindon Crown Court heard.

Sophie Elms is one of the youngest women in the UK to be convicted of such offences Credit: Wiltshire Police

Following today's sentencing, Detective Inspector Simon Childe, of Wiltshire Police, said: “Understandably, this case has shocked the local community as well as those further afield.

“Elms is just 18-years-old making her one of the youngest women in the country to be convicted of these types of offences, and at the time of committing these atrocious crimes, she was studying child care with a long term aim of working with very young children in the future.

“I am extremely grateful to my team of dedicated officers who have been able to intercept and prevent her from working with children ever again.

“I would like to firstly praise the families of the very young victims in this case who have shown a great deal of strength throughout this court process – they have been provided with specialist support since the investigation began and we will continue to ensure they and their children feel fully supported.

“Secondly, I would like to praise the investigation team in this case who have worked tirelessly and very closely alongside partner agencies in pulling together evidence to put before the courts and ensure Elms could be brought to justice for her disgraceful actions.

“Our officers will leave no stone unturned in investigating crimes of this nature regardless of how much time has passed since the offences were committed – we understand the huge impact these offences can have on a young victim and their families.

“I hope that in this case, the families of the young victims can take some closure from the sentencing and feel supported in moving forward.”

Elms was jailed for seven years and 10 months.