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Landslip blocks road and homes in Cornwall

A landslip has closed a road in Cornwall - blocking dozens of homes in the process.

Cornwall Council has confirmed there was a landslip in Scations Lane, Lostwithiel, this afternoon (Friday, February 1).

Around 1,000 tonnes of material collapsed on the road, which was subsequently closed.

At least 30 homes were blocked by the debris, meaning residents could only access their properties on foot.

Around 1,000 tonnes of material collapsed on the road. Credit: Cornwall Council

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council said: “Cormac highways staff are onsite, including our geoenvironmental engineer.

“They are assessing the situation and checking on the stability of the section of the hillside that has collapsed.

“Approximately 1,000 tonnes of material has collapsed onto the narrow lane and so no vehicles can use it.

“This means that the residents of around 30 homes in the cul-de-sac can only currently reach their homes on foot."

Highways staff are on site assessing the damage. Credit: Cornwall Council

“Some residents’ vehicles are on the other side of the landslip and so can’t be moved.

“Neighbouring properties are providing emergency pedestrian access to the lane.”

Wester Power Distribution has instructed their contactor to attend in case there is any risk to power lines.

Cornwall Council is sending officers to provide support to residents and keep them informed of what is happening.