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Meet the local hero who helps Plymouth's elderly people stay warm as snow arrives

Bob is Age UK Plymouth's only 'community champion' Photo: ITV News

Volunteer Bob has become something of a local hero in his Plymouth community.

He delivers winter survival packs to his neighbours, something which is particularly important as temperatures continue to plunge and snow and ice arrive.

Bob keeps an eye on his neighbours in Plymouth Credit: ITV News

Bob is an Age UK 'community champion', giving up his own time to look out for elderly or vulnerable people around him.

For a long time Bob has been the only one with this official title - but with budgets increasingly stretched, the charity is asking for more to come forward.

Bob says he wants more people to follow in his footsteps Credit: ITV News

It's important that somebody in each area volunteers just to do the good neighbour thing. It's just neighbourly. We've done it for years. And there are people out there that still do it, but they need to be recognised for what they're doing. And we can assist them with that.

– Bob Furzeland
Age UK's stock room is packed with essential supplies Credit: ITV News

Age's UK's stock room is packed full of essential supplies including tins of food, blankets, electric heaters and clothing. But more volunteers like Bob are needed to step up and help.

As a charity we have limited resources to deliver this out in the community. So it's absolutely vital, we would encourage people to come forward and take on a community champion role as Bob has done for us. Because you know your neighbours and therefore it's a very soft way of helping people without being intrusive into their private lives.

– Lynne Hodgson, Age UK
Lynne Hodgson says the charity has limited resources Credit: ITV News

You don't have to be drawing your pension in order to benefit. Single dad of three Dean, who is in his late 50s, is grateful for a little extra help.

Dean says life can be difficult for a single parent Credit: ITV News

I try to deal with things on my own but sometimes you can't. Some people don't want to open up that they need help. The easiest way is to open up, speak to somebody, and then if it's possible they will get you the help you need, or find someone who can do it.

– Dean Flynn

If you think you might qualify for help from Age UK, call 01752 256020 or visit