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Devon couple declare Brexit-free kingdom called ‘Euphoria’ in back garden

A Devon couple fed up with politics have founded a Brexit-free kingdom in their back garden.

June Fendick and Alex Foreman have created their own state - called ‘EU-phoria’ - in the back garden of their Torquay home.

Complete with their own tongue-in-cheek mission statement, the couple said June would serve as commander-in-chief while Alex has been appointed secretary of state.

Their dog, Hudson, is also a member of the newly-founded state - where the word Brexit is banned.

Our constitution consists of having fun, enjoying yourself, not being bothered by politics in any shape or form, and...generally spreading happiness no matter what!

– June and Alex

The couple even held an official flag-raising ceremony this week, to mark the birth of their new kingdom.

June and Alex. Credit: ITV News West Country

Although currently confined to their back garden, the couple hinted at potential expansion in the future.

“If anyone wants to come round and have a chat about it and a cup of tea, we'll only be too pleased to see them,” June added.