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‘I feel like we are living a nightmare’: Bristol father facing separation from family after visa rejected

Mahmoud Abdelrahman and his wife Nora El-Gohary Credit: ITV News West Country

A father-of-four living in Bristol is at risk of being separated from his family - after his UK visa application was rejected.

Canadian citizen Mahmoud Abdelrahman lives with his British wife, Nora, and their four young children in Clifton.

But Mr Abdelrahman is now facing deportation - and being cut off from his family - after the Home Office rejected his visa application.

According to the documentation, the reason Mr Abdelrahman’s application was refused was because he does not have the required £62,500 in savings.

Mr Abdelrahman and his family live in Bristol Credit: ITV News West Country

The family fear they will be torn apart unless the Home Office allows an appeal against the decision.

“My nine-year-old woke up the other day and she said ‘I dreamt of people coming to the house and taking you from here’,” Mr Abdelrahman said.

“How do I defend her from something like that? How do I? What do I say?

We genuinely feel we are living a nightmare and that somebody has to pour water over us and wake us up so we can resume our normal life.

– Mahmoud Abdelrahman
Mahmoud's visa application was refused by the Home Office

A petition, set up by the family to support their appeal, has been signed by more than 10,000 people.

Mr Abdelrahman’s wife, Nora, added: “We don’t want to leave our home.

“Victoria Square Park is where Lianne took her first steps. Everyone’s first everything was somewhere in Bristol.”

A Home Office spokesperson told ITV News: "Visa applicants need to prove they have the minimum funds required and are expected to hold such funds in their bank account.

"Mr Abdelrahman was not able to demonstrate he had the funds in his account."