Bristol is one of Britain's worst cities for traffic, costing drivers 149 hours and more than £1,000

The average driver in Bristol spends 149 hours in traffic every year, costing more than £1,000. Credit: ITV West Country

Bristol is one of the most congested cities in the country with the average driver spending 149 hours in traffic a year, according to a new study.

Latest figures from traffic data company INRIX reveal it's the fifth worst city for traffic in the UK.

Last year the average motorist spent 149 hours in Bristol jams and lost £1,099 as a result.

INRIX's annual Traffic Scorecard identifies and ranks congestion in more than 200 cities across the world.

According to the study, it's faster for drivers to ride a bike in the city than it is to drive or take a bus. Credit: ITV West Country

In the data Bristol has a last mile speed of seven miles per hour, meaning it is faster to ride a bike than drive or take a bus.

Trevor Reed, transportation analyst at INRIX, said: