1. ITV Report

Mostly dry and cloudy night in store in the South West

After a chilly start this morning the next few days should be pretty quiet with some sunshine but also some cloudy skies. Temperatures will be on the mild side too but are set to become higher later in the week.

Which is odd because the Atlantic is quite busy, with weather systems trying to move in from the west. However, high pressure across the near continent is keeping them away from the West Country, and from Thursday we tap into mild southerly winds.

Tonight looks mostly dry and cloudy. Cloudier than last night, perhaps with a few spots of rain across the north of the region during the early hours of Wednesday. It won't be as cold as last night therefore, with temperatures in mid-to-high single figures.

A cloudy start on Wednesday though, with the odd spot of rain around, but as we head through the day the sun should break through the cloud and temperatures will be similar to today. That said, the south coast will have an onshore breeze, making it feel quite chilly compared to the rest of the region.

From Thursday we start to see those temperatures lifting, although it won't be until Friday that we see more sunshine around. By this time, and into the weekend, temperatures should reach 15 or 16 degrees, but the southern coastline will remain on the chilly side with highs closer to 12 degrees.